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Special update – 13 days to go!

By June 9, 2014December 17th, 2014Production Updates

Hello backers!

Thanks to your help, we are currently 62% funded with 13 days to go! While this is a great start, there is a long way to go in just a handful of days to complete our funding. I believe we can reach our goal, but only with YOUR help! At this point, I’ve exhausted my contacts and am feverishly working to make new ones – while getting too little sleep but a surplus of anxiety! Remember, we don’t get any of the pledged money unless we meet our goal!

We really need your help to spread the word to others. Please share the link on your twitter and facebook pages. You will find some sample tweets at the end of this message. Also, if you can please take a few minutes, and email your friends, family and co-workers to let them know about this project — that would be very appreciated. I’m also including a sample email below if you want to cut and paste it.

Thank you so much! Let’s finish this campaign strong! I appreciate all of your support.

– – –

SAMPLE EMAIL (add name after “Hi”):


My friend is making a short film inspired by The Twilight Zone. It’s called The Recursion Theorem and stars William Thomas from Perks of Being a Wallflower, VEEP, The Wire, Killing Kennedy and Killing Lincoln.

They need to raise $3,500 or more on Kickstarter to bring the project to life. They’re 60% there but need help down the stretch. Check it out and if you like it, consider backing it. For $25 you get a digital download of the film and a poster (for $50 a really cool t-shirt)! You can see it here:



Fan of Hitchcock? Kubrick? Pls support Twilight Zone inspired noir, Recursion Theorem: #TRTFilm RT!

Help make a Hitchcock/Kubrick esque film? Recursion Theorem; Twilight Zone inspired noir: #TRTFilm RT!

With your help, we’ll do a noir short inspired by Twilight Zone, Asteroids & Greek Myths! #TRTFilm RT

You’ll love new Hitchcockian sci-fi film noir, The Recursion Theorem! So, help make it? #TRTFilm RT!

Like Kubrick? Hitchcock? Welles? Twilight Zone? Pls help noir short, Recursion Theorem: #TRTFilm RT!

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