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Imprisoned in an unfamiliar reality with strange new rules, Dan Everett struggles to find meaning and reason in this sci-fi noir short. Inspired by The Twilight Zone, Greek Mythology and the arcade game, Asteroids!


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Our Film

The Recursion Theorem is a short black and white Hitchcockian film noir that pays homage to The Twilight Zone, Asteroids (the arcade/video game), and ancient Greek mythology. The story follows Dan Everett, who awakens to find himself trapped in a unfamiliar room with its own set of bizarre rules. Afraid and alone in this strange place, Dan is forced to question the very foundations of reality and the meaning of his existence.

Our Story

It’s taken over three years and about $20,000 to make The Recursion Theorem. This is a story that, at it’s core, is about the necessity of struggle. And making a film is definitely a struggle. After playing at a handful of festivals across the country, we are self-distributing Recursion online. And we can’t do it without you! Please spread the word by sharing this site and our YouTube channel with as many people as possible!

Your Support

We need this film to succeed so that we can continue telling more stories and making more films. We’re looking for partners to help us build an audience base and offset our production costs. Please consider donating to our project, purchasing a t-shirt or poster, and promoting this film via social media and word of mouth! Thank you so much!

Dan Franko

as Dan Everett

TRT Team

Cast and Crew

Ben Sledge

Producer / Director / Writer